There is a verse in the Bible Christians have either taken as a great comfort or (secretly) questioned in their lives. Romans 8:28 says, “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God and have been called according to His purpose.” All things? Bad things? Awful things? Unexplainable things?

All of us have questions when natural disasters strike, when sickness and death come, or when circumstances in our lives spin out of control. Questions abound when people hurt us, or are unfaithful, when promises are broken, or when divorce and conflict happen. Disagreements, differing opinions, and people who are unreasonable, critical and hateful can cause questions to surface. I don’t need to go on, you get the picture---we are tempted to question people’s actions, to question our faith, and to question God.

Concentrate on two phrases: “Those who love God”, and, “Those who are called according to God’s purpose”. That is who we are, God’s children, loved by God and given promises by God. This letter was originally written to Roman Christians who faced major persecution, in addition to all the highs and lows of life. Instead of looking at the negative in our world and yes, there is plenty of negative, let’s look at the positive in the midst of it all.

Each Christian has responded to God’s love and call on his or her life. We say to God, “Here I am, save me, direct me, use me, take charge of my life - I give my life to you.” We recognize that in essence God is in charge of our life, our world, and anything and everything that comes our way. May we rest in that thought! May we keep that perspective when we are tempted to question! May we live in the love of God and the call He has on each of us!

Perhaps you have heard the statement, “I receive so much from God when I work a walk”, or “Working a walk was even more of a blessing than my original walk”. Let me challenge you with this thought, if you feel you have lost your “first love” for God or your sense of call you felt after your Walk to Emmaus, maybe it is time to find it again.

There are many ways to do this, a retreat with your church, a visit to a spiritual mentor, an in-depth study of scripture, taking a spiritual gift inventory class, attending a Candlelight or Closing to hear testimonies that encourage all of us.

Maybe it is time to prayerfully consider working a walk and allowing God to use you as part of a team. The team formations are a great time to reconnect with God’s love and God’s call on your life. Working a walk lets God use your gifts, surround you with Agape love, and partner with Him in touching the lives of the pilgrims.

De Colores,

Bob Coppings
Spiritual Director, 2013


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